We believe that only the best is good enough for your feet and our planet. That’s why all our socks are made of the finest and most durable GOTS-certified organic combed cotton available and are produced according to the highest design and production standards.


The world is changing, and not always for the better. Most people think that real change is reserved for the Bill Gates of the world. Thankfully, that's not true. Even the smallest of gestures can make the world of difference.

That’s why we donate one pair of socks to the homeless around the globe for every pair you purchase.


We constantly strive to deliver even greater customer experiences, and it all starts with the product. That’s why our socks never leave our warehouse without the quality being thoroughly assured, from cuff to toe.

And if something should go wrong, we pride ourselves on a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Why you might ask? Well, because we believe the customer is always right.


Great things have sprung out from Denmark. LEGO, Carlsberg, Mads Mikkelsen, Hans Christian Andersen and, of course, our national slogan “Hygge”.

Besides this, the Danish design culture has long proven itself internationally with its timeless designs, functionality, and durability. We take great pride in continuing this legacy by producing unique and durable socks for people around the globe.