A small solution to a big problem

Did you know that approximately 10% of all annual carbon emissions comes
from the production of clothing?

Ethically Sourced

Our socks is made of the finest GOTS-certified organic combed cotton available and produced on the world's most advanced Italian Lonati machines, according to the highest design and production standards.

Our distribution center is in Germany. From a CO2 emission point of view, we have decided to keep the production in Europe, close to our head office in Copenhagen and our distribution center in south Germany to minimize the transportation.

Made to Last

Textile waste is one of the biggest threats to our planet. That's why our socks are Made to Last and never leave our warehouse without the quality being thoroughly assured, from cuff to toe.

They are made of the finest organic combed cotton and have a comfortable soft elastic top to make them stay on your feet and avoid sagging.

Recycled Packacing

All of our packaging is made of recyclable, environmentally friendly material. You will not be harming our planet once you through them away.

Our specially designed packaging can also be transformed to a practical storage box for keeping your neatly packaged socks organized in your drawer. Watch how in the video down below.